ūüéĄ Christmas Savings ūüéĄ



Do you want to reduce the financial pressure of Christmas? Open a Christmas Club with us today.

Saving even a small amount each week/month, will ease the strain at the end of the year.

Your Christmas club account is also eligible for a dividend payment, meaning you will be rewarded for the amount of money you have saved.


Don’t leave it to the last minute this year, start saving now!


Christmas Savings Club Terms and Conditions

  1. Members of 1st Class Credit Union are eligible to open a Christmas Savings Club by completing the appropriate application form.
  2. A minimum balance of £10 must be maintained in the Christmas Savings Account for the account to remain open.
  3. Withdrawals are permitted from your Christmas Savings Club between 1st November-1st January.
  4. If you wish to make a withdrawal or close this account outwith 1st November-1st January, you will incur a £5 penalty charge.
  5. An annual dividend will be paid into your Christmas Savings Club, subject to surplus, on all sums deposited. Dividend payments are gross of tax.  The rate at which the is paid is determined at the Annual General Meeting.
  6. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes in your personal details.
  7. If you wish to close your Christmas Savings Club you will need to inform the office.
  8. We have the right to cancel membership if we believe you have fraudulently acquired membership/services from us.

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Your money is protected up to £85,000