Revolving Credit Loans are designed to help members who require funds regularly and at short notice.


When weekly/monthly repayments have been made, the funds become available in your account again – like a credit card.

  • Interest charged at 1% per month
  • Access to funds as you repay
  • Free Loan Cover
  • Fixed weekly/monthly repayments

You have the option to apply for Revolving Credit in multiples of £500, between £500 and £3000.


Once the limit has been approved, you are able to make withdrawals in multiples of £50 when funds are available.


When your weekly/monthly repayment has been allocated to your loan the available balance to withdraw increases – like a credit card.


Withdrawals can be made via our mobile app and the Members Area online.


Our Revolving Credit Loan is taken over a period of two years with the current interest rate at 12.7% APR.

Revolving Credit Repayments





£500 £6 £24
£1000 £12 £48
£1500 £18 £72
£2000 £24 £96
£2500 £30 £120
£3000 £36 £144

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Your money is protected up to £85,000