Complaints Policy

1st Class Credit Union strives to give its members the best quality service and staff are available to assist members.  However, if you feel that the service you have received is unsatisfactory and wish to make a complaint, the following policy will inform you of the procedure to follow.


Making a Complaint

If a member has a complaint, they should refer the complaint to the original point of contact where a member of staff will aim to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  If this is not satisfactory for the member, they will be asked to submit their complaint in writing to the Complaints Officer.

Written complaints can be sent to:

Any complaints made to 1st Class Credit Union must be resolved within an 8-week period from the first point of contact.


Responding to a Complaint

A written complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt by the Complaints Officer.  At this time, the Complaints Officer will send a Complaint Form to the member in order to gather the relevant information.   The Complaints Officer will aim to resolve the issue within 8 working days, however, in more complex cases, they may require more time to gather information relating to the complaint.  In this instance, the Complaints Officer will inform the member within 8 days of the action being taken and the expected date of completion.

The Complaints Officer must provide a full response to the member within 21 days of receipt of the written complaint.


Unsatisfactory Response

If the member is not satisfied with the Complaints Officer’s response, the member should request that the Board of Directors investigate their complaint.  The Secretary will acknowledge the complaint within 2 working days.  At this point, the member will be informed of the date the Board of Directors will consider the complaint and on which date they should expect a response.  This response will be issued with information from the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding complaints.


Financial Ombudsman Service

Following the above procedure, if the member is still not satisfied with the outcome of their complaint, they can direct their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Financial Compensation

A member may be entitled to financial compensation if their complaint has been upheld.  The Complaints Officer will submit the compensation award to the Board of Directors for approval which will, in turn, be paid to the member.

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