Promote Your Credit Union

Do you want to help your work colleagues and loved ones by changing their savings habits?

Sign them up to the Credit Union today

By promoting the Credit Union to colleagues and family you can help them save for a dream holiday, a season ticket, school uniform, car repairs, bills, a new car, Christmas presents, and more.

To boost your share account and kick start the new members’ Credit Union account, we are giving you both £10 each!

As a member of 1st Class Credit Union, your family and work colleagues will receive the same benefits as you with access to savings accounts, annual dividends paid on savings, loans up to £20,000 and free Life Cover and Loan Protection.

Please provide your membership number to the potential new member.  They will be required to note this on their membership application in order for you to both receive the promotional £10 each.

The FREE £10 offer is due to end on 03/04/21