2021 Financial Year End


This Year


As another financial year comes to a close for us at 1st Class Credit Union, we wanted to say thank you for your continued support and dedication throughout the year. You, as a member, keep your credit union operating by interacting, saving and borrowing throughout the year. We know how hard this past year has been on everyone, especially those who have been directly affected by COVID19.

Here are some of the milestones and accomplishments we have achieved throughout the year.




 94% of members use our online services

Welcomed our 9000th member in June 2021

Revamped our loan application and lending process

Provided more than £1million of discounted loans during June, July, and August

Partnered with feedback provider Feefo

Rated 4.7/5 Stars by our members for our service and loan products


Member News


Due to our financial year-end at the end of this month, no withdrawals will be processed between 12noon on 29/09/21 and 9 am on 01/10/21. Please keep this in mind when requesting a withdrawal.


CEO Insert


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all our members for their support and commitment over the years to 1st Class Credit Union.

To new members, welcome you have made a great decision on your financial wellbeing, to more established members, you are still making the right choice and our commitment to supporting you has never faltered.

The past 18 months have been tough on all of us, but I can assure you we have had you back and will continue to do so. I believe the next year or so will be every bit as tough as the past two but we will be here to support and assist you make the correct financial decisions for you and your families.

Once again, I thank you for your support and wish you a prosperous future together.

Andy Wright



Board of Directors


During the past year, your board have continued to serve and ensure that the running of our Credit Union has stayed within a safe operating perimeter.  We are coming up to a very busy time especially for the office staff it is year-end at the end of September.  On behalf of your board, I’d like to thank each and every member for your continued support over the past year. Please be on the lookout for details of our AGM which will be coming to you in the coming weeks.

Again, the board wishes to thank you all for your support and dedication.

Bruce Devenport